“I absolutely love it. I plan to take a picture and post it to my facebook page for all my professional friends to view………..Thanks for a great product.”

Dethra U. Giles, Director/Human Resources Administration,  Oxford College of Emory University

“Today marks the end of my first week using my new Desktop Elevator.  The results have been more than encouraging.

After receiving the product, I asked my Engineer in Training to assemble it for me…………It went together pretty easily…………After the product was assembled, it garnered a lot of attention, and was universally declared to be really cool, and downright spiffy.  It has been a pleasure to use it the past week, and it would not be inaccurate to inform you that purchasing your well-made, well-designed, and cleverly conceived product has literally been a life-altering event.

Thank you all for a job well done.”

Dr. Michael Morgan, Sc.D., Paul C Buff Inc.

“It is a great improvement to be able to stand or sit to do my work.  The elevator desktop allows me this versatility.  Being able to change positions aids in preventing my back and legs from getting tired and keeps me better energized through my work day.  OiC, the company we worked with, was very friendly and made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted in my desktop elevator.  I am very happy with my outcome and highly recommend both the company and its products.

Thanks again for the great experience in working with you and your company.”

Carol Moser, Sr. HR Administrative Assistant, Oxford College of Emory University

“I work in a professional office that requires a great deal of computer work.  Due to a recent health condition, sitting for extended lengths of time increases the discomfort of my condition.  I searched for an elevated desk surface that would work with my existing office furniture and discovered the Desktop Elevator.  The Desktop Elevator raises and lowers with little effort and the large work surfaces easily accommodate my paperwork and two computer monitors.  The unit’s build quality is professional and it blends nicely with our office furniture.  Customer Service has been fantastic from my initial inquiry through the installation and follow-up.  Most important, standing throughtout the day has helped to ease my discomfort.  I am truly satisfied with the Desktop Elevator.”

Beth B, Charlotte, NC law firm

“……….Since returning to the office and having erected the unit, I have found that it is serving my purpose well.  The assembly was quite easy and when completed, it was light enough for one person to scoot around without an issue.  This past weekend, I needed to reconfigure my cubical and found the moving of the system was very easy by one person…….I believe this to be a very worthwhile investment, especially for a disabled person with back issues, which limit sitting and standing times, as well as to allow for those with sleep apnea to be able to move around and avoid that unintentional nap that gets us all in trouble!  This system is a very well-thought-out piece of ergonomic furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  I would Highly Recommend this equipment to another disabled veteran, with similar issues, to be used in a similar occupation.  In closing, let me just say that I would like to thank each of you again, for the assistance you have given to me in order to ensure that my transition into the workforce has been a good one.

John “Doc” Reed, Veteran Services Organization, Roanoke, VA